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A render is a digital photograph designers use to show clients what the end result will look like.

Mood Board

Mood Board's are collages of visual examples they feel exemplify the vision the client has in their mind of what they would like the space to look like

Concept Board

A concept board is similar to a mood board but it shows specific items that the designer has curated for the project.


Finishes are visible elements of a space that are fixed to the building itsself.

Examples of these could include:
Cabinet pulls Faucets Flooring Wall Cladding Trim & Moulding

Client Brief

A client brief is a description used to quickly and precisely explain the clients desires for a project.

Sample Board

A Sample board is a physical collage for all the finishes, materials, fabrics and more that will be included in the project.

Colour Scheme

A colour scheme is the selection of colours that have been specified for a project.